Remembering The Super Mario Bros.’ Surprisingly Cool Comic Books
The Super Mario Brothers aren't just the stars of this week's biggest video game release on the Wii, nor were they simply the heroes of one of the most disastrous films of the 1990s - they were also comic book legends. Well, legends might be pushing it, but brothers Mario and Luigi certainly have some comic book credibility to their name...
‘A Boy And His Blob’ Classic 1989 Box Art Captures Magical Comic Cliches
With the recent release of the reimagined "A Boy and his Blob" on the Nintendo Wii, I found myself reflecting on the original 1989 NES title's horrendous awesome box art. Although most probably remember the game for its strange premise and relatively innovative gameplay (you feed a blob jellybeans to make it transform into a variety of usable items), what I like best is its old school co