With just a few weeks left before WayForward's September 7 release of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Video Game," fans have been aching to see the upcoming title's interconnecting feature between its Wii and Nintendo DS versions. While a proper video demonstrating just how the crossover will work hasn't quite surfaced, Bat-Mite's dual-console powered appearance can now be seen via screen shot.

IGN's new shots show off a bit of Bat-Mite's gameplay channeled by the connected Wii/DS. So far the imp seems helpful, dropping cartoony weights and bombs upon Gorilla Grodd. There's a good chance, however, that the aloof imp's best intentions could cause some degree of distress for Batman and his crime fighting cohorts.

The logistics of Bat-Mite's behavior remain to be made 100 percent clear, but IGN's preview of Wayforward's "Brave and Bold" DS port seems to support the notion that this pair of games will play nicely together.

Check out more Bat-Mite action after the jump.

[Via IGN and Joystiq]

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