Greg Pak: The ‘Incredible Hulk’ Exit Interview
During his five-year tenure as the primary writer of the Incredible Hulk, Greg Pak took the character through a series of epic battles, starting on the war-torn planet Sakaar and ending with an all-out brawl for the fate of his friends and family, with more than its fair share of massive battles between them...
The Unlikely Hulked Out Characters We Want To See
With Marvel's "Hulked Out Heroes" just over the horizon -- and one of its stars, Hulkpool, introduced in this week's "World War Hulks #1 -- we here at ComicsAlliance are pretty excited about the possibilities. But even in the face of a series whose covers promise hulked-up versions of the Thing, Spider-Man and even Devil Dinosaur, we can't help but acknowledge that there's no way w
The Punisher Enters World War Hulk
Press Release The epic World War Hulk has come to Manhattan and this doesn't make Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, a very happy man! In the extra-sized (jammed with even more story!) Punisher War Journal #12, from the acclaimed creative team of writer Matt Fraction and artist Ariel Olivetti, it's time for Frank to protect those left behind in the wake of Hulk's rage ...
World War Hulk…King of Manhattan?
Press Release World War Hulk continues, as the Hulk continues to smash anything that comes his way and the odds are stacked against the heroes defending the island of Manhattan! In Avengers: The Initiative #5, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Stefano Caselli, the team of new recruits heads into the war zone to save innocent lives, but they might have to look after themselves first when the
End of the Week Explosion #9
It's the end of the week explosion! This week we've got an exciting Transformers video and more rambling about Die Hard. And...appliances. Let's see what Seacord had to say without being sworn-in under oath. Q: First things first...have you seen this new Transformers video...

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