Last week seemed like total weak-sauce to me, so I waited for the head honcho, WORLD WAR HULK #3, to hit stands. It has and just like that, I'm back with more Hulk-y nonsense!

World War Hulk #3WORLD WAR HULK #3
This issue of WORLD WAR HULK focuses mainly on the Hulk's confrontation with Doctor Strange. There are large chunks of the book that are completely actionless, but it is by no means devoid of smashing. Hulk fights with the tanks and the helicopters and it's all very satisfying. Pak and Romita have been producing consistently good stuff with WORLD WAR HULK. And can I just say that I love the fact that Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum is disguised as "Another Neighborhood Starbucks" that is under construction? Sure, Bendis came up with it in NEW AVENGERS, but it's still amazing.

Iron Man #20IRON MAN #20
I gotta say, I was pretty bored with the first half of this issue. I woke up fast when I hit the last nine pages, though! Two pretty big twists make Iron Man both increasingly evil and somewhat sympathetic. If you love to hate Iron Man, this is the book for you.

There are two other WWH books I had to read, so click "more" for "more".

Incredible Hulk #108INCREDIBLE HULK #108
This issue is a HUGE waste of time. This exploration of the juxtaposition between the lives of Rick Jones and Miek, the Unhived, falls completely flat. Pak, who has been on target with all of his WWH issues as far as I'm concerned, seems to be fulfilling Marvel's need for a fill-in issue to keep things on schedule. Guest artist Leonard Kirk is passable, but he's certainly no Gary Frank. It seems there's already another issue of INCREDIBLE HULK next week, as well, so I just don't see the point. Bah!
Heroes for Hire #12
So there's a guy that shops at my local store who keeps telling me to read HEROES FOR HIRE. I keep telling him, "I read the first issue! It stinks! You stink for even suggesting it!" Then, last month I called Marvel's World War Hulk banner on the book "just kind of low down".'s still not really a WWH book, but it is pretty damn good (sorry, Alfred). In this issue, Humbug makes the rest of the Heroes cover themselves in bug guts to sneak onto Hulk's ship. Then there is fighting. Then Humbug takes his love of bugs waaaaay to far. Seriously, just give Humbug his own book already.

Well, I thought last week was going to stink, but I was 66% incorrect. IRON MAN and HEROES FOR HIRE were suprisingly good. INCREDIBLE HULK, not so much. But I will never tire! As Marvel publishes the next wave of World War Hulk books, I will be there to take the brunt of the impact. As always, if this was not enough Hulk for you, you can always check out parts one, two, three, four and five of my series of World War Hulk reviews.

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