Video: Barely Political's slightly NSFW Walking Dead Mad Men mashes up two of AMC's most popular series. [Blastr]

Gaming: Pokémon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition is coming to the US on June 18 as "Pokemon Conquest" for the Nintendo DS. [Joystiq]

Gaming: World War Hulk will suitably smash and bash as part of Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles this spring. [Joystiq]

Star Trek: President Obama met Star Trek star Nichelle Nichols (a.k.a. Lieutenant Uhura) last week and rocked the Vulcan salute. [HuffPo]

Video: You can take a tour of Westeros in Minecraft thanks to Game of Thrones fan Westeroscraft. [Kotaku]

Gaming: Activision will release the Men in Black III tie-in videogame, Men in Black: Alien Crisis, on May 25 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii gaming consoles. [SHH]

Video: Olan Rogers and company have Mega Man and Proto Man duke it out in their live action Mega Man X homage. [Topless Robot]

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