'300: Rise Of An Empire' Gets A New Trailer; Still No 'Xerxes' Graphic Novel Release Date
In the 7+ years since 300 hit theaters, hints at a potential sequel, both to the movie and its inspiration, Frank Miller's 1998 comic series, have been coming at a trickle. A new trailer has confirmed that a movie sequel titled 300: Rise of an Empire will be coming out next March, and it'll be based on Miller's graphic novel sequel, of which fans saw a preview back in Dark Horse Presents back in 2
‘Dark Horse Presents’ Returns with New Format, Legendary Lineup [Preview]
On sale this week is Dark Horse Presents #1, a revival of the legendary indie comics anthology whose original first issue in 1986 launched what was to become one of American comics' most venerable publishers, Dark Horse Comics. The series was notable for debuting major works and creators including Frank Miller's Sin City, Paul Chadwick's Concrete, Eric Powell's The Goon and many more...