A new Frank Miller lithograph has just been offered for pre-order on the Dark Horse website, featuring Xerxes, the Persian God-King from Miller's "300," a testosterone-laced reinterpretation of the Battle of Thermopylae that was adapted into a 2006 film by Zack Snyder.

Miller has commented before about a new "300" related comic called "Xerxes," and as the LA Times reported last December:

"Miller is preparing a follow-up now titled 'Xerxes,' which begins about 10 years before the events of '300,' and Snyder has expressed interest in it as a film property as well. 'It's the battle of Marathon through my lens,' Miller said Wednesday. 'I've finished the plot and I'm getting started on the artwork.'"

With this new Xerxes litho slated to hit shelves for October 31st, it seems likely that news about the "Xerxes" comic -- which has never been officially announced -- could very well be on the way. Edit: "Xerxes" has been confirmed by Dark Horse on their Twitter. Check out the full lithograph after the jump!

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