In the 7+ years since 300 hit theaters, hints at a potential sequel, both to the movie and its inspiration, Frank Miller's 1998 comic series, have been coming at a trickle.

A new trailer has confirmed that a movie sequel titled 300: Rise of an Empire will be coming out next March, and it'll be based on Miller's graphic novel sequel, of which fans saw a preview back in Dark Horse Presents back in 2011.


The movie will be directed by Noam Murro, whose only other film credit is the 2008 comedy Smart People.

The title of the film sequel has gone through several iterations, starting as Xerxes, then becoming 300: Battle of Artemisia, and now Rise of an Empire. It will focus on the Persian emperor who was the main antagonist of the first film, following his rise to power before the battle of Thermopylae and his continued campaign against the Greeks, particularly the Athenians, thereafter.

As far as we know, Miller's graphic novel will still be called Xerxes and have a similar focus. There's no confirmed release date.

The film sequel will be out March 7, 2014.

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