Last month, BroadSword comics announced via YouTube that after ten years of publishing the often-naked adventures of Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, their flagship character was finally hitting the big time: Being immortalized as a tiny plastic figure as one of Art Asylum's MiniMates:

And I thought it was funny when they did Power Girl...When the video first hit, there was some speculation in the MiniMates fan community that they were just really, really well-made customs, but as confirmed by this year's Toy Fair, the "Tarot" boxed set will actually be hitting stores this summer with a price tag of sixteen bucks. Since it's going to be released by Diamond Select, I'm going to assume that this is the second product of the same deal that's bringing us the Tarot statue that was solicited a few months ago, only -- thanks to the fun we're having imagining Art Asylum's designers trying to flatten out the book's... distinct proportions to fit the tiny figures -- way more hilarious.

While they've done a ton of MiniMates for Marvel and a handful for DC (that started with LEGO-esque "C3" building sets), Art Asylum hasn't done much with characters outside of the Big Two publishers other than an "IndyMates" box set from a few years ago that included Witchblade and the Magdalena, which makes it even stranger that they'd return to independent characters with Tarot, the one character in comics who actually makes Witchblade look modest and fully dressed. Still, if this is the start of another round of small-press characters getting the MiniMate treatment, we're all for it.

And to be fair, if you can divorce the figures themselves form the fact that there are actually tiny little toys of "Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose," I've got to say that Art Asylum did their usual incredible job on these. Even when I was doing my best to stop buying action figures, the amount of detail and expression, and fun accessories that they were able to put into such simple figures kept me buying MiniMates for years, and they've really done a great job bringing that sense to these. There's some amazing detailing on Tarot's mask, and even her spiked boots come off as adorably cute rather than their usual totally ridiculous.

Plus, the figure for Raven Hex has what is unquestionably the funniest detailing we have ever seen on an action figure ever:

So rock on, Art Asylum, BroadSword and Diamond Select, and hey: If it sells well, how about a box set of the ghost nurses from the infamous (and infamously NSFW) haunted vagina issue?

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