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Longtime readers of America's most enduring humor magazine, MAD, are no doubt waiting with baited breath for the 2010 edition of the "MAD 20" - the magazine's annual list of the dumbest people, events and other items of interest from throughout the year. That issue finally goes on sale December 22, and includes a very cool and comics-centric feature that we're very pleased to be the first to show you: the Tea Titans.

Famously stupid American politicians from the vexingly named Tea Party movement are represented in the magazine as spoofs of legendary members of DC Comics' Teen Titans superheroes. Naturally, the self-proclaimed witchcraft dabbler Christine O'Donnell is mashed-up with the supernatural Raven to become Stark Raven. Litigious Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller, who as of this writing has yet to concede the race to winner Lisa Murkowski, appears in MAD as the Aqualad-spoofing Alaska-Lad, complete with a set of handcuffs with which to detain inconvenient journalists. And of course there's Tea Party superstar Sarah Palin, who gets the Starfire treatment on account of her unimpeachable and very lucrative Starpower.

Check after the jump for the full Tea Titans page from the MAD 20, which includes other notable imbeciles like Carl Paladino, Rand Paul and Sharron Angle.

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