Funko's just about ready to take fans of Cartoon Networks' DC Nation series Teen Titans Go! on a guided tour of Jump City with new Pop! Vinyl figures of Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin and Starfire due out in February.

Each figure's 3.75" stature puts the line somewhere between Jazwares's current line of 2" minifigures and 5" line of action figures, which may make it difficult -- but not impossible -- to situate them all in a custom-built Titans Tower. If you're not custom-inclinded, though, each of these vinyl figures seems like it'd hold up displayed in less exotic and exact surroundings... like maybe that dining room table where you throw all your mail? Nobody's going to judge you.

Getting the whole team will cost you roughly $50, with each of the Titans going for about $10 a pop in stores and through online retailers.

One thing that's fun about the Pop! Vinyl take on the characters is that even though they're based on TTG!'s character designs by Dan Hipp, the Funko-ization makes it plausible to consider these just regular Teen Titans figures too (if you feel like traveling back in time to 2003-2006).

You can take a look at the upcoming Funko Pop! Vinyl Teen Titans Go! figures below.