Fans got a pretty solid look at the four stars of Jonathan Liebesman's live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in action figure form a few months back, but now the rest of the cast can be seen in all of their plastic Playmates prestige. Click through for a good look at Shredder, Splinter, April O'Neil, what appears to be a Foot Clan soldier, and a trenchcoated Raphael from the first series of TMNT 2014 movie toys.

The new image does a lot for the TMNT themselves, which can be seen sporting a splash of additional color. The character designs still may not be for everyone, but Playmates seems to at least be translating them to toys at a solid level, with each of the green machines packing at least as much articulation as their animated series counterparts from Nickelodeon. Raphael in a trenchcoat kind of reminds me of the classic Invisible Man Michaelangelo figure to boot.

Shredder looks awesome in a grandiose and wild way. One of his wrist-mounted blades may or may not be an action feature embellishment, but even without it, the character seems to pack razors on top of razors on top of razors on top of razors. Even if it's overkill, he's instantly recognizable. It's the kind of Super Shredder-style obnoxiousness I can get behind.

April looks more or less just like Megan Fox does in the film's promotional materials (and comes packed with a better camera than the iPhone!), while Splinter seems chill despite a semi-blurry face.

The weakest link in this bunch seems to be the presumed Foot Clan Soldier (Foot Soldier), who looks kind of like Deadshot from Batman: Arkham Origins. I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed this out yet, but the Nu Foot Clan soldiers are wearing what look like hockey goaltender masks. I'd say I was certain it wasn't meant to reference Casey Jones, but who knows with this Michael Bay-produced movie?

You can see what you make of the upcoming figures before the arrive in stores this summer in the lead-in to the film's August 8 debut.


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