We've gotten quite a few looks at the upcoming live action/CGI hybrid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie over the past few months, but as of Toy Fair 2014 Playmates' corresponding action figure line was still under wraps. Chinese language site ACToys has posted new photos of the figures, however, giving us all a look at the hoodie-waisted, puka shell-rockin' quartet in all their ball jointed glory. We're painfully trying to reserve full judgement until trailer footage from the movie arrives in April -- and maybe even through the film's August 8 release date -- but for now we can safely say this much about director Jonathan Liebesman's heroes in a half shell: Jim Lee's 1996 TMNT figure designs were cooler.

You can see what you think of the upcoming figures from Playmates below.


For what it's worth, the LEGO sets based on the film all looked like a lot of fun at Toy Fair (and if you hate the new Turtle designs, you can easily swap them out for the Nickelodeon Minifigures and enjoy the sets). From a toy design perspective, however, the execution of translating the highly-accessorized new movie designs into figures with Playmates' traditional "mutant Mass" plus collector-friendly amounts of articulation doesn't seem... handsome. These figures could merely represent an action-feature accessory segment of a wider toy line with other figures potentially offering a more pleasing aesthetic, but... for now many fans are probably just relieved they still have the expanding Nickelodeon toylines and 6" Retro Collector's Figure Series to fall back on, to say the least.

[Via Toy Ark]