We can't show you everything LEGO has on display at Toy Fair 2014, but there's still several Marvel and DC Comics sets that fans are going to want to see. Are you ready for a proper LEGO Sentinel? We've got plenty of X-Men, Spider-Man and Batman sets for you to check out -- including from the new, easy-to-build LEGO Jr.s line and the kid-friendly DUPLO line.





Also on hand at the show were two more Guardians of the Galaxy sets, plus three sets based on the upcoming live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Photography wasn't allowed, but the GotG sets included the bald blue Nebula (played by Karen Gillan) and a bigfig version of Groot that -- like the X-Men set's Sentinel -- featured a central character piece with a built set of attached limbs.

The TMNT sets included the Turtle Lair Invasion, the Big Rig Snow Getaway and the Turtle Van Takedown. It's worth noting that the Turtle Lair Invasion was kind of like an expanded version of the animated series' Turtle Lair Attack and included a Shredder Minifig that wasn't too much of a departure from the character's traditional look.

We'll be waiting for official images of all of these upcoming sets and posting them as soon as they surface.