Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys from Playmates depicted the Heroes in a Half Shell as everything from all-star athletes to Star Trek cast members, so if only someone would just cut a deal with Marvel, the TMNT's Marvel alter-egos would fit right into their action figure history. Until then, Springfield Punx artist Dean Fraser (EDIT: thanks to concepts and a request from a young artist named Gerardo) has envisioned Marvel aliases for all four turtles and Shredder, and his concepts are just crazy enough to make perfect sense.

Donatello Stark, The Iron Turtle; Leonardo Roger, The American Turtle; Michelangelo Wilson, a.k.a. Shellpool; and Raphael Howlett, a.k.a. Shellorine, have all been drawn and colored on the Springfield Punx blog, and some of them even have elaborate origins listed on their personal Facebook pages.

The spliced characters may represent the greatest mash-up of comic book hero identities since Marvel and DC's Amalgam Comics, but as was the case with Dark Claw and Thanoseid, don't expect to see these guys on the action figure racks any time soon. Do check out what they look like after the jump, however.

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