Season two of Nickelodeon's CG animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has expanded the show's cast of characters significantly, but for as many hideous new mutants as it's introduced, the show's also welcomed a steady stream of new vehicles. Both figure prominently into the latest batch of Playmates products arriving in toy stores in the near future, as stores welcome new figures of Mutagen Man, Kirby Bat and a Squirrelanoid, plus vehicles like the Shell Flyer, the Grass Kicker and the Turtle Sub.

New listings on Kmart and Amazon indicate that the roughly $10 action figures and $10-20 vehicles will be arriving before long, similar to the retailer images of LEGO's latest TMNT animated series offerings. So far, each of the characters represented in this latest wave of figures has appeared on the show, although the vehicles are a different ball of wax mutagen. Donatello's Turtle Sub and the Shell Flyer have been seen in some capacity, but not exactly the versions depicted by these toys. The Grass Kicker, meanwhile, seems like it may be destined to exist purely in the realm of plastic. That lawn gnome hood ornament should come standard with any riding lawn mower, to say nothing of a TMNT ride.

You can get a better look at all of the upcoming toys, below.


Mutagen Man


Kirby Bat


Turtle Sub with Donnie Figure

Shell Flyer

Grass Kicker

[Via TNI/Kmart]