The first episode of the second season of Telltale Games' episodic The Walking Dead video game series seemed to take the franchise in a more ominous direction. If the trailer for the second episode, titled "A House Divided," is indicative of its tone, it'll continue the trend.

See a little bit of what's in store for Clementine after the jump.



The new episode would appear to focus on the highly creepy Carter, who is coming after Clementine's group to retrieve something he believes is his. What that specific thing is, remains unclear. The trailer includes a lot of threatening dialogue, and it looks like lots of guns are fired, in typical TWD fashion.

You may have noticed that this is not, in fact, an 11-minute trailer. Instead, the rest of the video is an IGN interview with Scott Porter, the voice actor for the character Luke. He's not Luke Perry, but we won't hold that against him.

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