While most of the attention this week will be paid to games with a lot more pomp and circumstance, don't sleep on Telltale Games' upcoming third season of The Walking Dead. Due out later this fall, the story once again follows Clementine, now in her late teens, as she tries to survive the zombie apocalypse in southeast America. While her trademark ponytails and baseball cap return, Clementine won't be exactly the same girl we saw during The Walking Dead, Season Two. She'll be older, wiser, and minus approximately one ring finger.

Telltale delivered the first teaser trailer for the upcoming season just ahead of E3 2016's official start, giving us a glimpse into what awaits for Clementine in the years since we'd last seen her. That, and her new friend, Javier, who appears to have a few secrets of his own.

Though this teaser isn't terribly long, there are a few things we can discern about the storyline already. First things first though, you can tell this next installment of The Walking Dead will be using Telltale's updated engine. That new graphical presentation will debut this summer with Batman - The Telltale Series, but will also be used with Telltale games going forward, including Walking Dead. While it might not look that different at first glance, there's a lot more depth and detail the to this latest entry versus the past two.

In addition to Clem's missing finger, which she definitely still had the last time we saw her, we can tell Javier and the zombie being shot have a brand in common. Whether Javier escaped from some terrible place or not remains to be seen, but the mark on the zombie's back clearly matches the one on his neck. It looks like it could be a "76" or possibly whoever branded them had a fondness for Led Zeppelin's Zoso. It'll be sometime until we learn all that the story holds, but for a teaser, Telltale has certainly managed to capture our attention.

The Walking Dead, Season Three is due out later this year on a number of platforms. We'll have more from Telltale at E3 this week.

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