Last week, a Wikipedia user attempted to create an article for Chip Zdarsky, a professional cartoonist and humorist for Toronto's National Post, as well as the creator of Monster Cops and Prison Funnies. Sadly, it appears that being an internationally published comics creator doesn't meet the stringent guidelines for inclusion on the Internet's finest source of information on pro wrestling holds and the supporting cast of RoboTech, and the article was quickly marked for deletion as an "obvious hoax."

However, once it was verified that Zdarsky does, in fact, exist -- presumably when an enterprising young Wikipedia editor remembered what Google is -- the argument shifted to whether or not Zdarsky (again, a professional cartoonist for a major newspaper and a fixture of the thriving Toronto comics scene) was notable enough to merit an article. We at ComicsAlliance would like to support Wikipedia and their dilligence in filtering out unnecessary information by bringing you a list of ten facts that are far more notable than the life and career of Chip Zdarsky:

1. Nicole, the daughter of Paul Riser and/or Greg Evigan on the TV show My Two Dads had her first date on October 18, 1987. Source: List of My Two Dads episodes

2. In order to "compensate for his lack of reach and height, as well as to take advantage of his nearly limitless amount of Force power," Yoda uses the "Ataru" fighting style, the name of which was sadly misspelled in the novelization of Revenge of the Sith. Source: the TEN-THOUSAND WORD article "Lightsaber Combat"

3. Knuckles the Echidna, of Sonic the Hedgehog fame, is an accomplished swimmer thanks to his use of the breast stroke. Source: Knuckles the Echidna:

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4. Xena, the Warrior Princess, was trained in the art of pressure points by M'Lila, a "stowaway slave of mysterious origin." Source: The article on Xena (the Character), not to be confused with the separate article on Xena: Warrior Princess, the television show.

5. Joss Whedon has a habit of removing the word "out" from phrasal verbs that would usually include it, such as "freak" instead of "freak out." Source: This less-obsessive-than-one-would-assume article.

6. The skyline of the fictional Quahog, Rhode Island was inspired by its real-life counterpart, Providence, as seen in this extreme close-up of the Griffin household: Source: Family Guy

7. "You Can't See Me," the debut (and only) rap album of professional wrestler John Cena, included guest appearance by Bumpy Knuckles, also known as Freddie Foxxx. Source: You Can't See Me

8. "Licky has the smallest breasts of any Tarot character." Source: the fittingly mammary-obsessed article on Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

9. Creator Masashi Kishmoto has stated that any computers that show up in the Naruto universe would 'maybe' be eight-bit and that they would 'definitely not' be sixteen-bit." Source: The article on Naruto, which takes three paragraphs to describe the plot, "children punch each other."

10. During a conflict with the Red Shadows, GI Joe commando Snake Eyes "stabbed Wilder Vaughn, although whether it hurt the bio-enhanced Vaughn is unknown." Source: Snake-Eyes:

Yes, thank you, Wikipedia, for your constant vigilance in making sure that we have alarmingly specific information about the karate of the Star Wars universe, but not something as paltry and insignificant as a comics creator who had the nerve to never work on X-Men.