As someone who used to have a job where I reviewed terrible movies on a weekly basis, I've seen my fair share of pictures put out by The Asylum, the movie studio best known for "mockbusters" like Transmorphers and SyFy original monster movies like Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Today, however, MTV's Splash Page revealed the trailer for their next epic, Almighty Thor, in which the Asylum's version of the God of Thunder runs around blowing away dinosaurs with an uzi, I have to admit that this might just be the first Asylum knockoff that looks better than its mainstream counterpart.

Sure, Marvel's Thor may have the little things like actors, a script, a budget and the Destroyer, but the Asylum? They've got former WWF Champion Kevin Nash as Odin. Check out the trailer after the jump!

All right, so maybe "better" isn't the right word. But c'mon, Asgardians fighting dinosaurs in Manhattan? Thor forging a new hammer by standing in a volcano punching lava? RICHARD FRIGGING GRIECO AS LOKI?! I'm not even kidding, I want to see this immediately. The only thing that could make it better is if... well, if it was actually going to be any good at all. Still, I'm willing to risk it...

...if only because we might see the star of If Looks Could Kill get a jacknife powerbomb from Diesel.

Almighty Thor is slated to air -- where else? -- on the SyFy Channel on May 7 at 9 PM, exactly one day after its big-budget cousin hits theaters. Who's up for a double feature?