This was a good year for digital comics company ComiXology: Not only did it see the 100 millionth download of a digital comic from the service (and the 2 billionth page published digitally), but the year ended with the company's Comics by ComiXology iPad app being named the third highest grossing iPad app of the last twelve months by Apple.Commenting on the app's high placement, CEO David Steinberger said "We started ComiXology because we believe that – with a great digital experience – graphic novels and comic books will be much more widely enjoyed. Actually climbing the top ten year-over-year – and the only app to do that, no less – speaks volumes to the quality of work both the ComiXology team and our amazing publishers and creators have done this year. We're not anywhere near done yet but we're clearly off to a good start." ComiXology's co-founder, John D. Roberts, called the news "a spectacular end to what has been a spectacular year."

ComiXology's placement on the chart - which measures the amount of revenue generated by an app, not the number of downloads of the app - is even more notable when you realize that it is one of only three non-game apps in the top 10, and that the other two non-game apps are work-related (Apple's Pages, and QuickOffice Pro HD). Not only is there a growing audience for digital comics, it appears to be an audience of enough size that it outstrips any other iPad reading experience.

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