After I first heard about Fandom Secrets, the fan community version of Post Secret, my first thought to do some sort of "Best of" or "Top 10" from the comics-related entries. But after seeing 970 posts and counting with over a dozen secrets per post, I quickly realized that would be impossible.

Part of the reason there are so goddamn many is that there's no real quality filter, which is somewhat appropriate for a community that spends so much writing fanfiction. If you've ever believed you were in love with a fictional character and know how to use Photoshop, you too can make the list. Rather than the Post Secret experience of reading gem after gem, it's a lot more like going digging in a mountain of crap and hoping to find a pony. But there are ponies, friends -- there are ponies.

Comics is only one small part of what you're about to see; the bulk of it is anime and manga characters and the sexual pairings and/or imaginary relationships people want to have with them. Sometimes it's sweet; sometimes it's pathetic; sometimes it's straight up disturbing. But it's... definitely something.

A few of the more interesting ones I've come across:

What have I missed? Any highlights or secrets you want to shout out?

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