Melbourne, Australia has just broken the Guinness World Record for largest number of people in superhero costumes gathered in one place. A little over a week ago, 1245 people dressed up like their favorite comics characters and headed for Federation Square to be tallied up by Guinness officials.

Melbourne is to be congratulated on its patience with the long application process, the willingness of its citizens to spend a day milling around in capes that had to have posed serious strangling hazards, and the panache with which it handled the logistical nightmare of making sure each Batman on site was based on different Bat eras.

(You do not want two Bales.)

Although there were plenty of Marvel superheroes walking around, the attempt by the city was a tribute to Marvel's rival, DC Comics, to celebrate its 75th anniversary celebrations.

Melbourne's win may start up a rivalry of its own with London, the previous record holder. And by "previous record holder," we mean, "had the world record for one week before Melbourne took its title." Of course, London's attempt seems more casual, since it consisted of a rugby game in which certain members of the crowd showed up in superhero costumes, rather than an organized event. Despite this casual attitude, London only fell short of Melbourne's record by 154 people. Could London make a comeback before the year is over?

Could some other city throw their cape in the ring?

Could there be more pictures taken like this?

Only time will tell.

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