Halloween is just around the corner, and here at ComicsAlliance, and one of the best parts of the month is gearing up for a night of costumes! It’s the one time of year when even people like me who could never cut it in our Best Cosplay Ever feature can drop by the local department store and walk out with the ability to dress up as our favorite characters.

But is that really a good thing? I have my doubts, which is why I’m spending every day taking on the store-bought costumes inspired by our favorite things. Today, we’re taking a look at Batman’s sidekick as we rifle through the bizarrely popular line of Robin costumes -- and this time, it's for the ladies.

Option 1: Sexy Robin




As we saw yesterday, there are a lot of choices out there if you're a dude who wants to dress up as Robin. You could be cartoon Robin, classic TV Robin, terrifying eyeless horror Robin, you could even be rubber-suited Chris O'Donnell Robin if you wanted to, although I cannot imagine that ever actually being the case. If, however, you're a lady, you're pretty much limited to subtle variations on "Sexy Robin," as though being a circus kid who watched his parents die in front of him and was then trained to be a vigilante in an actual cave wasn't sexy enough already.

I will say, though, this particular version isn't terrible. Throw in some tights underneath the skirt, lose the low-cut look of the top and maybe get a cape that wasn't made for strangling its owner, and you might have something here. If they ever get some blonde girl to be Robin, maybe they could do something along those lines.


Option 2: Sexy Robin




If you were wondering why I was so charitable to that first Sexy Robin costume, it's because this is its competition. While I do admire their restraint for only putting the "R" logo on one breast rather than just going all-out with it on both, I have to say that this costume is definitely missing the mark. I think the major problem is that the corset looks less like a frillier version of Robin's tunic and more like a wearable sheet cake. Seriously, I do not see piping, I see icing.

But, you know, that could just be because I haven't had lunch yet and Robin Cake sounds pretty good.


Option 3: Sexy Robin




Oh well now you're just being ridiculous.

There was a moment when I saw the thumbnail of this photo that I thought the ribbons on the skirt had been tied into R shapes and not just regular bows, and I thought that was at least the one redeeming bit of creativity, but alas, it was not to be. To be fair, it does look less like a cake, but it also looks more like a doily, so I think we can call this one a wash.