In a movie worth celebrating, The Comics Journal's transition to the Web is currently underway Beta style. While the new online effort won't be up at its official domain for a bit, readers can catch a glimpse of the new blog-flavored TCJ here.

As Robot6 points out, today's content is brought to you by Anne Ishii, J.T. Dockery, Donald Phelps, Marc Sobel, Gavin Lees and Noah Berlatsky. So far it seems like my kind of site and a great addition to Journalista.

From a personal standpoint, I'm pretty stoked to get my TCJ news daily. The mag can be pretty intimidating for casual or first time readers and this new format makes its valuable content a little easier to wade into.

I'll never forget picking it up at 17, having my mind blown, openly weeping and thinking "I know nothing! My fandom is a lieeeee!" (or a rough approximation thereof). I'm grateful for the experience now, but the blogosphere at large is bound to benefit from this more accessible format.

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