Gaming: Variety has the scoop on Activision's Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men: Destiny voice casts. In Edge of Time Val Kilmer will voice Walker Sloan with Laura Vandervoort as Mary Jane and Katee Sackhoff as Black Cat. In Destiny, Milo Ventimigli, Jamie Chung and Scott Porter will voice three playable mutants. [SHH]

Digital: Peyo's translated Smurfs comics are now available via a dedicated comiXology app and through the digital storefront online. [comiXology]

History: Shaenon Garrity takes a look at the history of webcomics with memes in mind. [TCJ]

Customization: If you've read the awesome Minifigure Customization guide (or haven't), the official video tutorials that go along with the title are a wonderful resource in customizing your blocky toys. [toycutter]

Music: Comic-Con attendees have a solid musical option Thursday night at The Stage in San Diego with Kirby Krackle and Random Gibberish. [comic-concert]

Crafts: If you're a duct tape craftsperson, blah's Instructables entry on crafting Captain America's shield from the stuff will definitely be up your alley. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Marvel has released the first promo image for Gazillion's upcoming Marvel Universe MMO. It's looking a lot more sophisticated than Super Hero Squad Online already. [Comicvine]

Video: The Game Station imagines a live action Bomberman film, complete with awesome helmets. [Topless Robot]

Wha?: Reddit user nofear220 reports that this exists. For real. [io9]

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