Upcoming: Fantagraphics Books and Alexander Street Press are making the complete archive of the The Comics Journal available as part of its Underground and Independent Comics online collection. The archive will serve as a scholarly online collection and include "more than 25,000 pages of interviews, commentary, theory and criticism from the 35 year history of The Comics Journal." [Flog]

Theater: The all-female Takarazuka Revue group is planning a third Ace Attorney production with Miles Edgeworth as the main protagonist. No objections here. [Kotaku]

Tech: If you've got a million bucks, Japanese company Suidobashi can build you a driveable mech. Seriously. [Joystiq]

Events: OhNo!Doom will host an Adventure Time themed gallery in Chicago on August 11. [TTDILA]

Eats: Nerdache Cakes' Thor cupcake looks like something Volstagg would approve of. [Neatorama]

Anime: The first promo for the 18th Dragon Ball movie,"The strongest make their move," which takes place between Dragon Ball Z manga chapters 517 and 518, is now online. The movie will arrive March 30, 2013. [Crunchyroll]

Gifs: Threadless users have created some fun animated .gifs based on their favorite t-shirt designs, with plenty of comic themes in the mix. [Threadless]

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