Pulling Mega Man apart and seeing what he's got clicking and spinning around inside appears to be a popular pastime these days, and for a couple of guys over at The Daily Robot, that fascination doesn't end with Mega Busters. They specialize in detailed schematics of make-believe robots and things that could be robotic, like pandas and human hearts.In the case of the Mega Buster, they even go as far as to render different layouts for his robo-buddies, playing around with the screws and tubes that produce those beautiful, throbbing, charged-up shots that put evil robot masters out of their misery.

Other designs from their archives have a sort of Mexican Chris Ware flare to them, but that's not a complaint. Check them out for yourself, and if you like what you see, there's an Etsy store where you can pick up prints. The "Jeopardy!" poster would make a fine addition to any trivia nut's home.