2012's Dredd, based on the long-running comic about the stone-faced lawman of the future from the pages of 2000 AD, was essentially Die Hard in one of Mega City One's towering city blocks, which is to say that it was completely awesome. Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby's performances as Judges Dredd and Anderson, respectively, were fantastic, and left both long-time Dredd readers and new fans wanting to see more from them, which is why Arthur Wyatt and Henry Flint provided a comic book sequel set in the world of the movie called Underbelly, where Dredd had to tackle a new drug that gave crooks the ability to see into the future.

Underbelly was a pretty huge success. The first and second printings both sold out at the distributor level, and this October, it's getting a third, featuring a new cover by artist Trevor Hairsine that you're seeing for the first time below.


Dredd: Underbelly third printing by Trevor Hairsine
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American audiences are likely most familiar with Hairsine from his work at Marvel on books like Captain America with John Ney Rieber and X-Men: Deadly Genesis with Ed Brubaker, but like many British creators, Hairsine broke in with 2000 AD, starting in Judge Dredd Megazine and then moving on to penciling several Dredd stories with Dredd co-creator John Wagner. Just recently, in 2000 AD prog 1836, he returned after 13 years for a one-shot story with writer Rob Williams.

Hopefully, the success of Underbelly and the demand that's led to three printings a year apart bodes well for a sequel to Dredd. I mean, we can't be done with the franchise just yet, can we? We didn't even get a grim and gritty cinematic version of Walter the Wobot!


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