In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Australian fashion brand Black Milk Clothing launched the second installment of their much-anticipated Star Wars Collection this week (the first installment can be seen here). Entitled Star Wars Ep 2 - The Emperor Strikes Back, this second installment includes a Death Star dress, a Darth Vader swimsuit, and leggings featuring a Star Wars photo montage. In addition to the Star Wars pieces, Black Milk also released a few pairs of video game-inspired leggings, featuring motifs of 8-bit food items and a metallic triangular pattern that is rather reminiscent of the Triforce.

Known for their previous catalogue of galaxy-printed spandex and Game Boy dresses, Black Milk Clothing utilizes digital printing to create unique apparel that is frequently pop-culture-friendly, often limited edition, and always fashion forward. While their designs may not be suitable for the stylishly subtle, Black Milk produces some great statement pieces that are bound to please both geeks and fashionistas alike.

Artoo 2.0 Dress, $134.40

Death Star Dress, $134.40

Ewok Dress, $134.40

Boba Fett's Last Stand Dress, $134.40

Artoo 2.0 Swimsuit, $124.06

The Force Swimsuit, $124.06

Yoda Swimsuit, $124.06

Artoo and Threepio Leggings, $108.56

Star Wars Montage Leggings, $108.56

Junkfood White Leggings, $77.54

Junkfood Blue Leggings, $77.54

Triangle Gold Leggings, $82.71

Triangle Silver Leggings, $82.71

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