After the success of their previous Star Wars collections, Australian fashion brand Black Milk Clothing has launched their first comics-inspired collection with a number of likened Batman items. Taking a cue from the popularity of their limited Harley Quinn-inspired leggings, Black Milk Clothing designed a collection in collaboration with DC Comics and Warner Bros. that combines their signature spandex apparel with Gotham's Finest -- artists, that is, with clothing designed around images created by fan favorites including Jock, Brian Bolland, Terry Dodson, Neal Adams and Andy Kubert.  The Black Milk Clothing x Batman collection combines comics, cosplay, and style with a trompe-l'oeil Batman swimsuit (detachable cape included), a Stephanie Brown-inspired bodysuit, a Killing Joke bomber jacket and more.

After working with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, Black Milk Clothing's designer and founder (and fellow comics fan) James Lillis expressed his enthusiasm over this collaboration with his favorite hero:

"I grew up with the comics so, as well as being a big deal within our community, making Batman gear is something I have always wanted to do. The designs are inspired by the three female villains, although they‘re more women of ambiguous morality than straight-up villains, which makes them great fun to work with. We were also inspired by our favourite male characters, the iconic Batman and the Joker."

As a lifelong fan of Batman and fashion design myself, I've been looking forward to seeing Batman and Arkham's finest receiving the Black Milk Clothing treatment. While spandex/bodycon styles and allover prints might not be everyone's cup of tea, I really enjoy Black Milk's knack for incorporating trompe-l'oeil elements into their designs that stylistically translate costumes into dresses and swimsuits (as seen below in the Batman Cape Suit and in the Star Wars collections). With the Batman Cape Suit, the utility belt is placed higher than Batman's preferred belt placement, but creates a stylish high-waisted look out of Batman's costume that works despite how audacious it sounds on paper. Furthermore, I really love how the Purple Battle Suit channels Stephanie Brown's Batgirl costume into a trendy color-blocked bodysuit, bringing an element of cosplay to the collection and further cementing the relationship between the two worlds.

The second installment of the Black Milk Clothing x DC Comics collection will drop on March 20, and will feature more characters from the DCU (and hopefully more sidekicks).

Some favorites:

Baby Batman Leggings, $76.02 [link]

Batman Cape Suit (w/ detachable cape), $98.38 [link]

Differently Sane Swimsuit, $89.44 [link]

Golden Age Leggings, $76.02 [link]

Gotham City Reversible Skater Dress, $84.97 [link]

Gotham's Most Wanted Leggings, $76.02 [link]

I Am The Batman Swimsuit, $89.44 [link]

Joker's Revenge Tee, $53.66 [link]

Killing Joke Bomber, $107.33 [link]

Poison Ivy Swimsuit, $89.44 [link]

Slumber Party Tee, $53.66 [link]

The Batman Tee, $53.66 [link]

The Purple Battle Suit, $98.38 [link]

Wet Look Long Sleeve Catsuit 2.0, $88.55 [link]