Fashion brand (and spandex enthusiasts) Black Milk Clothing launched their latest collection this morning, which included Harley Quinn-inspired leggings, a Tetris swimsuit, and comic strip-covered shoes. With a previous catalog exhibiting Star Wars swimsuits and Game Boy dresses, Black Milk Clothing utilizes digital printing to create unique apparel that is frequently pop-culture-friendly, often limited edition, and always fashion forward. While their designs may not be suitable for the stylishly subtle, Black Milk produces some great statement pieces that are bound to please both geeks and fashionistas.

Check out some of the new stylish spandex that Black Milk Clothing currently has to offer!

Red & Black Leggings, $77.50 [link]

Retro Gamer Swimsuit, $93.00 [link]

Circuit Board Red Leggings, $77.50 [link]

Fab Lita - Sick Of Men Shoes, 199.95 [link]

Damsel - Sick Of Men Shoes, $239.95 [link]

Starry Night Leggings, $77.50 [link]

Der Kuss Leggings, $77.50 [link]

Le Café Leggings, $77.50 [link]

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