Even though his "Rebirth" took a little longer to wrap than most readers anticipated, Barry Allen's finally back and ready to reclaim his Scarlet Speedster role in this April's "The Flash" #1 by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.

To celebrate, The Source is previewing the issue's first four pages, which serve as something of an establishing shot for new readers. Fans see Central City at dawn, though they learn that even relative calm is hard to come by in a city stocked with rogues.

We already know a little bit about the series' initial arc - namely that Allen's law enforcement skill set will be put to task by a murder mystery. Shades may or may not be involved, but the bear-fingered may want to remember DC's promotional Flash ring giveaway that's included at participating retailers on release day.

You can check out the preview over at The Source, or here after the jump.