The Flash has released multiple Season 2 teasers in lieu of a full two-minute trailer, something Arrow seems to be catching up on, though our longest look yet at Central City’s fall 2015 premiere brings some tantalizing tidbits. Not only do we meet several new villains and heroes, but also learn their involvement with “unstoppable demon” speedster Zoom.

Like Arrow’s latest, the new Flash Season 2 trailer adds an additional 30 seconds or so to the prior spot, allowing Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) to preview the threat of Barry’s new big bad Zoom (Tony Todd). We don’t quite see the Flash-y new fiend, though we learn Atom-Smasher (Adam “Edge” Copeland) and at least one other foe of Jay Garrick’s serve Zoom in hopes of returning to their own parallel worlds.

As if that weren’t enough Entertainment Weekly caught a few tidbits of Zoom from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg:


We wanted another speedster as a villain, but we wanted to do something slightly different. Reverse Flash felt like a warrior, and what we wanted this time was something more akin to a monster. When you finally see Zoom, he looks like a demon, and it’s really scary. It’s more horrific. You should feel like when one of H.R. Giger’s aliens comes in the room. The mask is really amazing.

Like with Wells last year, he has a very specific agenda and a very specific and very clean reason for doing what he’s doing. When we open the season, he’s a villain of Earth-Two, and now he has access to Earth-One. Yet again, our team has created their own nemeses for the season. Watching how Zoom enacts his plan is the plot of the first nine episodes.


As for Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten), who also puts in her first filmed appearance with the trailer:


She’s a science nerd, too. She really loves the science aspect of it, and she and Barry really bond on that level, but she also loves the action.

She earns her metahuman fighting stripes in the second episode. One of the cool things about Patty is it’s one thing to take on bank robbers, it’s another to take on someone who can turn into poison gas, or another guy who can control the weather. At a key moment early on, Patty is the only cop who stands her ground, and that proves to Joe that she’s got what it takes.


One more? You can also read what Kreisberg had to say of Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West at the link above, but Teddy Sears’ Jay Garrick may come to remind Star Wars fans of a certain rogue smuggler and his push-pull friendship with a young Jedi:


There’s a little condescension from Jay. Jay is a little bit more world-weary and he’s seen a lot. He’s been The Flash for a while, so he’s a little further along in his career. He’s seen a lot of darkness, and it’s jaded him a little bit. He thinks Barry can be a bit naïve about the way the world works.

One of Barry’s greatest gifts — and truly it’s one of Grant’s greatest gifts, too — is he’s got such an infectious energy and such a purity of heart that he makes you want to be a better person. As much as Barry learns from Jay about being The Flash, Jay learns just as much about being a good person from Barry.


Elsewhere, we know of The Flash Season 2 that Violett Beane will play Jesse Quick, while Demore Barnes will appear as Firestorm villain Tokamak. We’ll also see the returns of Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and Golden Glider (including their father), and likely others, while both Barry (and Jay!) have some spiffy new duds.

What other secrets of The Flash Season 2 will emerge before its October 6 premiere? Check out the Season 2 teasers below for a clue toward “The Man Who Saved Central City,” and keep it here for the latest!



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