Congratulations, Internet: Because of you, we're one step closer to seeing a full-scale Goon movie on the big screen as the Kickstarter to create a feature-length story reel of the finished product closes out, having surpassed its goal.Eric Powell, creator of the Dark Horse Comics series, and director/producer David Fincher launched the crowd-funding campaign last month with the aim of being able to create animated storyboards of the entire movie, with sound effects and music, to show interested studios as proof of concept for the finished version. When the Kickstarter finished this weekend, it had managed to raise $441,900 - $41,900 more than its original goal.

Describing the experience as "a HELLUVA RIDE," the Goon team wrote one final update to thank everyone who's contributed to the campaign. "It feels like a LIFETIME has passed since we first launched our Kickstarter --30 DAYS of excitement, anxiety, confusion, night terrors, surprise, and finally, euphoria," they explained, adding that the movie will be launching a production blog in the coming weeks to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the movie going forward. As they put it themselves, "a Goon's work is never done..."

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