Last week we polled you on some of comics' most celebrated couples. Rather than pitting them head to head, we offered a straight vote between 'True Love' and 'Bad Romance,' and as a result, we have a list of twenty couples rated for greatness, with Harley Quinn and Joker down at the bottom, and the perhaps surprising choice of Wally West and Linda Park at #1. But a lot of famous couples are missing from the list, and even though Valentine's Day is behind us, we've not yet had our fill of love.

So here's your opportunity to nominate the other couples that need to be voted on to come up with the definitive list of comics' greatest romantic couples. Wally and Linda are the current king and queen, but can another couple claim their crowns?

Here are the twenty couples you've already voted on, ranked by the romance scores that you gave them (at the time of this writing). Of course, if you don't like these results, you can also still vote in the previous polls here, here, and here.


20. Harley & Joker, 13%
19. Gambit & Rogue, 30%
18. Vision & Scarlet Witch, 44%
17. Tulip & Jesse, 48%
16. Scott & Ramona, 51%
15. Kitty & Colossus, 57%
14. Reed & Sue, 60%
13. Rictor & Shatterstar, 65%
12. Maggie & Hopey, 71%
11. Black Canary & Green Arrow, 74%
10. Harley & Ivy, 75%
9. Batwoman & Maggie, 78%
8. Apollo & Midnighter, 80%
=. Alana & Marko, 80%
=. Peter & Mary Jane, 80%
5. Ralph & Sue, 84%
=. Wiccan & Hulkling, 84%
3. Superman & Lois, 86%
2. Big Barda & Mister Miracle, 87%
1. Wally & Linda, 89%


DC has the top three couples --- perhaps because it reboots them out of existence before they can grow stale --- but the Saga leads and the young lovers from Young Avengers make good showings, and Pete and MJ have somehow survived selling their marriage to Satan. It's no surprise to see Harley and Mistah J down at the bottom of the pile, but Rogue and Gambit fans will be horrified to see their OTP second-from last. But there are many more couples that can round out both ends of our list.

Leave your nominations for the next round of polls in the comments below.

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