Image has finally wrapped its parody of Marvel's Avengers marketing with an image of the latest addition to its own "Guardians of the Globe" title out this August. Fortunately, the longrunning gag has reached a climax:

As cool as it would be for Tim Hunter Harry Potter to join the premiere super team of Robert Kirkman's "Invincible" universe (and the artwork is a lot of fun to look at), the self-aware ad already realizes the trouble with making it a reality. Even if this eye-scarred analog of HP attends "Dog Farts" instead of Hogwarts.

It's been a fun ride this week with many gun jokes, but I'm still curious as to who will be working on the actual "Guardians" title, and truth be told, if it will even exist at all at this point. Kirkman's a busy cat, so if he's not writing it fans will understand. Bruce Brown and Cliff Rathburn from the 2007 "Brit" ongoing would be good candidates, as would Benito Cereno and Nate Bellegarde of the "Atom Eve" and "Atom Eve and Rex Splode" minis. It seems super unlikely that Ryan Ottley would commit to another ongoing series after departing Kirkman's "Haunt" a few months back, but who knows?

Update: According to CBR, It's a six-issue mini-series to be co-written by Kirkman and Cereno with art by Ransom Getty.

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