Hoo boy.

Hoooooo boy.

The image above comes from a post on the DC Comics blog yesterday teasing an upcoming appearance by a new version of The Joker's Daughter.

DC didn't announce any details, but this would appear to be a revival of the character originally created by Bob Rozakis and Irv Novick in 1976's Batman Family #9. I've written about that story before, but the short version is that she claimed to be the daughter of various Batman villains (complete with pretty amazing names like "Scarecrone"), before finally being revealed to be Duela Dent, the actual daughter of Two-Face. Since then, a few different versions have popped up, always using the "Joker's Daughter" gimmick. Most recently, she appeared in a Teen Titans story and was eventually killed in Countdown, a series that we usually only mention under extreme duress.

Now she has the Joker's severed face and a pie made of broken glass.

Seriously. A broken glass pie.

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