There are scores of branded 3.75" tall action figures on the market, but sometimes collectors, customizers and tabletop gamers are looking for something on the more generic side. Enter Marauder GR's Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures, an in-process Kickstarter project that's more than 200 percent past its nearly $30,000 goal with 21 days left to go.



The basic individual Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures come in "Night-Ops," "Desert-Ops" and "Urban-Ops" colorways and come packaged with interchangable vests, headwear and weapons, plus multiple add-ons (like pouches) that can be popped on via numerous mounting points. The figures themselves seem to have about 14-16 points of articulation, including ball-jointed shoulders and double-jointed knees. The level of detail isn't surprising considering Marauder GR partnered with Boss Fight Studios to fully design the figures, which has worked on G.I. Joe and Transformers-based projects in the past.

This is Marauder GR's third Kickstarter project, having successfully funded previous efforts to produce miniature gear for other 1/18th scale and 3.75" tall action figures. The company is careful to note that the figures are intended for collectors and gamers at least 14 years old or older. The figures come with tons of small pieces that young children may not be ready for.

There are 20 backing levels with a number of options, but basically $19 gets backers a single figure, $54 gets backers three figures, $100 gets backers six figures, $195 gets backers 12 figures, and so on up to a 27-figure set.

There are no female figures included in this initial Kickstarter, but the Marauder GR Facebook page shows several of G.I. Joe's woman recruits using its aftermarket weapons. When asked if they planned to release female figures, Marauder GR told ComicsAlliance "If this first Marauder Task Force project is a success, it will propel us into other figures and accessories. A female figure is a top option." Marauder also pointed CA in the direction of partner Boss Fight Studios' upcoming heroirc female figure.

You can check out all 20 backing levels at the project's official Kickstarter site.


Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures Kickstarter