If there's one thing that rivals hands in the scheme of difficult physical attributes to illustrate, it's hair. Perhaps that's why so many cartoonists have opted for iconic hairdos that aren't necessarily natural, but rather recognizable helmets of iconography?

Threadless user Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira addresses this issue with a new tee that explores some of the most famous animated hairstyles through the ages...and by "ages," I more or less mean the decades between 1919 and 2000.While the shirt focuses on "cartoon" characters, there's a fair amount of comic book source material rearing its proverbial head. Tin Tin, Little Lulu, Charlie Brown, Astro Boy, Obelix, Josie of the Pussycats and Calvin (sans Hobbes) all make prominent appearances in their respective eras of origin. There's also the matter of animated properties that have found their way into comics. Nearly every character on the shirt's been adapted to comics in one form or another. The notable exception is "Aqua Teen Hunger Force's" Master Shake, who I've never seen in a comic book. There's a decent chance he's made a paneled page in a DVD extra or something wacky, however.

The cream shirt is $18 today, but you know Threadless - it could be on sale soonish if it doesn't sell out in your size.

[Via Threadless]

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