The trailer for the new Godzilla movie is a really tense little film on its own, offering up only glimpses of the titular monster while Bryan Cranston and various other humans -- such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen who are playing Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver and Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, respectively, in Avengers: Age of Ultron -- lose their collective minds. It's gripping.

And yet it does not include any hint of Godzilla playing basketball against Charles Barkley. So there are pros and cons. Check out the trailer after the jump!


Interestingly, the new trailer seems to promise a slight twist on the original Godzilla origin (or implied origin, depending on which versions you enjoy), although the template is mostly traditional.

If you're looking for some similarly Barkley-free Godzilla comics to get you hyped for the movie before it opens in theaters May 16, James Stokoe's IDW series is a good place to start. Also? The wild '70s Marvel stories or the current ongoing at IDW.


Godzilla vs Barkley


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