Jorge Cham's graduate school-centric webcomic PHD (Piled Higher & Deeper) Comics came to life last week as The PHD Movie kicked off its first batch of screenings, which will continue through the month of November at more than 125 college and university campuses. The PHD Movie adapts the core concepts of Cham's nearly 14-year-old strip into one live-action feature produced and filmed on location in partnership with the California Institute of Technology. What's more, the film's producers, directors, and cast consists of actual Ph.D. students and researchers. Ambition!

Initially, I was stunned by such a heady project. As I watched the trailer, however, I felt a lot better about taking my own indefinite hiatus from grad school to become a blogger. The stars of this movie look like they're about to go "Office Space" on some expensive science equipment. Sure, it's fun to watch, but it left me feeling mildly content at being a mere bachelor of science at the moment. Who knows, though, maybe seeing the full movie will have you making like Ernest and going back to school.

See the trailer for "Piled Higher and Deeper" The Movie below:

[Via io9]

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