Prostitution has been explored pretty thoroughly in Hollywood, but I'm not sure anything's approached the superpowered depravity of an animated version of "The Pro." Based on Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Paul Mounts' 2002 one-shot from Image Comics, the animated trailer serves as something of a summary of the hooker heroine's adventures in a world of superhero parody.

There's been talk of a live action version of "The Pro" before (with creators calling for actresses such as Sarah Silverman for the leading role) along with a supposed movie "demo," but yesterday's post by Palmiotti on YouTube marks the first time this particular animation's been made widely viewable.At just longer than eight minutes, the animated short seems pretty faithful to its source material (and Conner's art). Most of the naughtier bits are technically "off camera," but the situations remain as adult as ever and the language is saltier than an aisle of Frito Lay products.

We aren't able to embed the film, but you can catch it to your heart's desire on YouTube.

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