New X-Men #38 cover

Press Release

Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle and new series artist Skottie Young begin the New X-men's Quest for Magik. In issue 38, the New X-Men find that Blindfold's prophetic tale of the dark demon lord Belasco in the previous issue was true. Belasco wants his former apprentice back. The problem is, everyone knows that Illyana Rasputin is dead.

Not daunted by his apprentice's apparent death, the demon lord has pulled the Xavier Institute into Limbo. However, he's not looking for answers from the X-Men. Setting his sights on the young children of Xavier's Academy, Belasco begins his vicious interrogation of the New X-Men.

With their leaders cut off from them and a majority of their team captured, an unlikely group of young allies battle their way through demon infested wastelands. All hope seems to be lost, but the kids aren't alone in limbo ... and things look like they are about to get much, much worse.

Quest for Magik running through New X-Men #38-41 features a four-cover splash by the new series artist Skottie Young that combine to reveal a stunning splash of the New X-Men, pitted against the Demon Lord Belasco and his horde of minions.

NEW X-MEN #38 (MAR072120)
Pencils and Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
Rated T+ ... $2.99
FOC - 4/19, On-Sale - 5/9/2007

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