Good news for those of you who like speculating on Hollywood casting rumors with little to no information: When asked about the possibility of playing a part in a Marvel or DC Superhero movie, Dwayne "Rocky 'The Rock' Maivia" Johnson, the only person to have a starring role in both Fast & Furious 6and WrestleMania XXIX, told fans via Twitter that he had a meeting with Warner Bros. that involved DC Comics in some form or another.

Assuming that this wasn't a meeting about acquiring the rights to the mid-90s comic based on his WWE persona -- which I doubt would require the involvement of the CEO of Warner Bros. -- one assumes that it was probably about the potential for Johnson to pick up a role in an upcoming movie based on one of DC's comics. Let the speculation now commence, and continue until he's announced as Alfred in a Batman reboot that takes the franchise in an exceptionally jacked new direction.



As Comic Book Resources is quick to point out, this could mean absolutely nothing. People in Hollywood have meetings all the time that don't always bear fruit for a variety of reasons, so that's something to keep in mind before you start getting excited about seeing Aquaman raise the People's Eyebrow and lay the smack down on Ocean Master or whatever. Still, it's difficult to not start imagining just what might happen. DC's movies could, after all, use a little more of that Fast & Furious magic -- much like every other movie.

If we were placing bets, I'd put my money -- with absolutely no information to back it up, you understand -- on the Rock showing up as Lex Luthor in the sequel to last summer's abysmal Man of Steel. He's super muscular, he's bald, he's rich -- he's pretty much Late '90s Lex all over, even if his physique is more in line with "Y2K"-era Bike Shorts Brainiac or the similarly bike-shorted Doomsday. He might work as one of those guys, though, particularly as a foil for Zack Snyder's vision of Superman.

I mean, have you seen that dudes' traps? They would make his neck virtually unsnappable.



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