Updated: A spoiled image that cropped up earlier this week revealed the lion's share of the new Secret Avengers lineup, but today a few new heroes -- namely Black Widow and Irredeemable Ant Man -- were announced today at C2E2's Cup O' Joe panel, joining War Machine, Beast, Valkyrie, Moon Knight, Nova, Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers.

Editor Tom Brevoort noted that the reveal was new to fans, "unless you've been reading the Internet over the past 48 hours," although Ant Man's appearance with the team in a new slide seemed to be welcomed by fans who hadn't soaked in the full lineup yet.With a team roster full of characters with paramilitary backgrounds, the new book will feature the traditionally public team turning to a focus on espionage. Brubaker explained in a CBR interview that it will offer a new role for the original Captain America, as "Steve Rogers becomes the new Nick Fury of the Marvel Universe," while Sharon Carter works as a liaison coordinating missions, Hank McCoy and War Machine run the science lab, and Valkryie and Nova bring some big superpowers to the table. Black Widow will, uh, be Black Widow. And Moon Knight will be crazy.

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