Much to my shame, my personal Free Comic Book Day haul didn't quite measure up to the robust collection I'd planned on last week. While I'm happy others grabbed up the offerings I slept in too late to catch, a part of me writhes with envy knowing what I missed out on. Fortunately one of the titles I most regretted missing, Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's "The Sixth Gun," has made its way to the Web for all to read.

Oni's now previewing
the entirety of "The Sixth Gun" #1 online citing high demand for the printed version, which they've run out of. The full digital preview comes in anticipation of the July release of both a regular version of "The Sixth Gun" #1, along with the debut of the series' second installment.

It's a pretty good chance for alarm clock immune comic book fans (and bloggers such as yours truly) to check out the issue at their own pace, even if a touch less tactile than catching the printed version the first time around.

You can give the entire first issue a read after the jump.

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