While it seems a bit melodramatic to toss around words like "groundbreaking" and "revolutionary" to describe the gameplay of 5th Cell's new "Scribblenauts" on the Nintendo DS, the title really is something special.

Playing as a cute little dude in a rooster hat, gamers can create essentially any non-copyrighted (and clean) noun they can think of by writing it with their DS stylus. These objects are used to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, truly justifying the developer's tag line, "Write Anything. Solve Everything."

So where do comic books fit into the game's close to 23,000 word vocabulary?
Here's a quick smattering of some of the loosely comic book-based words I've tried so far (with success):

-Comic Book (although it's the same as a "magazine")

-Manga (same as comic book)

-Graphic Novel (same as comic book and manga)

-Superhero (Generic costume and cape,

-Super Villain (mean looking masked guy with a backwards cap on)

-Super Bike (think Kaneda's motor cycle from "Akira")

-Super Car (generic red convertible)

-Nerd (old scientist dude in glasses)

-Geek (same as nerd)

-Anime (a DVD)

-Blogger (a somewhat genderless dude/lady with a vest, stocking cap and what looks like a press pass lanyard)

-Cape (several variations, including a Harry Potter-like "Invisibility cape")

-Fanboy (spiky-haired dude in a skull T-shirt)

-Fangirl (cute indie-rock girl with a dress and vest)

These words interact in pretty cute ways. The Superhero defeats the Super Villain if positioned side by side and the various costume elements augment the main character's abilities with much awesomeness. Many of the words overlap, but it's easily forgivable in such a comprehensive game.

<a href="http://www.gametrailers.com/video/sdcc-09-scribblenauts/53230">Game Trailers : Scribblenauts - Everything Trailer</a> Play the game where the only limit is your imagination!

Have you tried 'Scribblenauts' out yet? What are your favorite comic book combinations?

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