A few months back the official Scribblenauts Facebook page posted a loosely Batman: Arkham Asylum themed screen shot to show off the game's object editing tools. It was a testament to just how much 5th Cell's action puzzle game series had evolved since 2009 and a reminder that, even though players had access to licensed Nintendo characters on the Wii U, they could explore any universe they wanted with the right tools. According to a report at IGN, however, fans may not have to spend hours customizing as the next Scribblenauts will be a DC Superheroes game.IGN reports that the the next Scribblenauts was at one point dubbed "Scribblenauts Unmasked," and may be renamed before its expected unveiling at E3 in June, but will indeed be a DC title when it eventually arrives on PC and the Nintendo Wii U, and 3DS.

Unlike Lego's Batman and upcoming Marvel Super Heroes games, however, this title may put players in control of a separate protagonist adventuring through the DC Universe rather than having players take on direct DC hero and villain roles. That seems about right since the game has players control a kid who solves problems by summoning objects from a magical notebook.

Sources supplied IGN with a few in-game scenarios players may wind up playing something similar to down the road, including the game's protagonist Maxwell confronting Killer Croc in the sewers beneath Wayne Manor on his way to help a Joker-controlled Batman and a captured Batgirl.

IGN's report also mentions Maxwell using an X-ray to find a shapeshifting Clayface before capturing him with a freeze-gun, meeting Aquaman and villain Black Manta in Atlantis and the appearance of Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze in various scenarios.

We reached out to 5th Cell for official confirmation and will update as new details arrive.

[Via IGN]

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