As the record ratings for this weekend's third season premiere of the AMC television show demonstrated, the public's appetite for The Walking Dead just seems to keep growing. But you know what could make even more people fall for the lure of quasi-sepia-toned undead hunting the few remaining humans? Dancing. Click through for proof.With a song by Antonius Nazareth and choreography from Ben Chavez, The Walking Dead - The Musical is a creation of AVbyte, a group that releases weekly pop-culture-referencing musical videos (Previous releases include Justin Bieber and the Lord of the Bling, and Hipster Disney Princesses). But, even though it's an affectionate parody of the AMC show, it's also a pretty wonderful alternate take on where the show could go when it's finally ready to jump the shark.

Admit it: That song is pretty catchy.

[Via Neatorama]

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